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Harnessing Philippine Crafts: Showcasing Local Artisans in Your Hotel Supplies

Let's face it, travelers today are looking for more than just a comfy bed and a decent breakfast. They crave unique experiences that immerse them in the local culture. Think about it: wouldn't you rather stay in a hotel that reflects the vibrant spirit of the Philippines, rather than a generic room that could be anywhere in the world?

Showcasing Filipino crafts in your hotel decor is a strategic move on multiple fronts. It elevates your brand identity, creates a more memorable stay for your guests, and allows you to tap into the growing market of travellers seeking authentic experiences. Here at Allora Linen, we've helped countless hotels and resorts across the Philippines achieve just that.

Harnessing Philippine Crafts: Showcasing Local Artisans in Your Hotel Supplies

The Benefits of Local Crafts

There are several compelling reasons to incorporate Filipino crafts into your hotel's design:

Enhancing the Guest Experience:

Imagine your guests walking into a lobby adorned with intricately woven abaca tapestries from Leyte or hand-carved wooden furniture from Paete, Laguna. These elements instantly transport them to the heart of the Philippines, sparking conversation and creating a sense of place. Take, for instance, the stunning El Nido Cove Resort in Palawan we recently partnered with [2]. They incorporated handwoven talk cloth wall hangings (made from abaca fibres) throughout the resort, creating a unique and luxurious atmosphere that perfectly complements the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Guests consistently rave about the resort's authentic Filipino aesthetic, making their stay truly unforgettable.

Elevates Brand Identity:

By showcasing Filipino crafts, you're setting your hotel apart from cookie-cutter chain establishments. It demonstrates a commitment to the local community and sustainability, resonating with today's eco-conscious travellers. This was precisely the goal for our client, Acuatico Beach Resort in Cebu [3]. They wanted their resort to reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region. We helped them source beautiful capiz shell lamps and hand-painted buntal bags (made from palm leaves) to decorate their guest rooms. These locally sourced elements not only elevated the resort's ambience but also became a talking point for guests, solidifying Acuatico's image as a destination that celebrates Filipino artistry.

Marketing and Storytelling:

Filipino crafts are a powerful tool for creating a compelling narrative around your hotel's brand story. You can leverage these elements in your marketing materials and social media to attract culturally curious guests.

For example, why not feature profiles of the talented artisans who create the pieces adorning your hotel on your website or social media platforms? This not only personalizes your brand but also allows guests to connect with the human stories behind the beautiful crafts they encounter during their stay.

Finding the Perfect Pieces

The beauty of Filipino crafts lies in their sheer diversity. From the intricate textiles of Mindanao to the hand-carved furniture of Luzon, there's something for every taste and design aesthetic. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect pieces for your hotel:

Variety is Key:

Explore the vast range of Filipino crafts available. Visayas is known for its exquisite woven baskets and abaca products, while Northern Luzon boasts stunning wood carvings and furniture. Don't be afraid to delve into different regions to discover unique styles and materials.

Partnering with Artisans:

There are multiple ways to source local crafts. You can collaborate directly with artisans, work with design studios specializing in Filipino crafts, or visit local markets. If you're unsure where to start, Allora Linen can be a valuable resource! We have a network of reputable suppliers across the Philippines, and we're happy to connect you with artisans who create pieces that perfectly complement your hotel's vision [1].

Curating a Cohesive Look:

While embracing local crafts, it's crucial to maintain a cohesive design aesthetic throughout your hotel. Select pieces that complement your existing decor. For example, if your hotel has a modern minimalist vibe, consider incorporating locally sourced artwork with clean lines and natural textures.

Showcasing Your Crafts

Once you've curated your collection of Filipino crafts, it's time to showcase them in a way that maximizes impact:

Storytelling through Placement:

Strategically place craft pieces throughout your hotel to create a sense of discovery for guests. Feature statement pieces in high-traffic areas like the lobby or restaurant. In guest rooms, consider incorporating smaller decorative accents like woven throws or hand-painted vases.

Don't forget the power of informative signage or displays. You can briefly explain the origin and story behind each piece, adding another layer of cultural immersion for your guests.

Guest Engagement Opportunities:

Go beyond simply displaying local crafts. Explore creative ways

Go beyond simply displaying local crafts. Explore creative ways to engage guests with the rich world of Filipino artistry:

  • Workshops and demonstrations: Partner with local artisans to offer guests workshops on traditional crafts like weaving, jewelry making, or wood carving. This provides a unique and interactive experience, allowing guests to learn a new skill and take home a cherished souvenir.

  • Curated tours: Organize guided tours of local artisan communities for your guests. This allows them to witness the creative process firsthand and connect with the artisans themselves. It's a powerful way to showcase the cultural heritage of the Philippines and foster a deeper appreciation for the crafts adorning your hotel.

  • Retail opportunities: Consider creating a small retail space in your hotel where guests can purchase the crafts they admire. This provides them with a tangible reminder of their stay and generates additional revenue for your business. You can also partner with local artisans to create custom souvenirs or welcome gifts for your guests.


Incorporating Filipino crafts into your hotel decor is a strategic investment that pays off in multiple ways. It elevates your brand identity, creates a more memorable guest experience, and positions your hotel as a champion of local artistry and sustainability.

Here at Allora Linen, we're passionate about helping Filipino hotels and resorts showcase the beauty and richness of their culture. We offer a wide range of high-quality linens and hospitality supplies, but our services extend far beyond that. We can connect you with reputable suppliers of Filipino crafts, assist with design consultations, and even help you develop creative guest engagement initiatives.

So, if you're ready to take your hotel's decor to the next level and create a truly unique Filipino experience for your guests, don't hesitate to contact us today. Let's work together to weave a tapestry of Filipino culture into the very fabric of your hotel.

For further inspiration and resources on Filipino crafts, we recommend checking out the following websites:

By embracing Filipino crafts, you're not just decorating your hotel; you're telling a story, fostering cultural exchange, and creating a lasting impression on your guests.

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