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Housekeeping Standards Resorts and Hoteliers Should Live By: A Guide by Allora Linen

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

In the bustling world of the hospitality industry, impeccable housekeeping stands as a cornerstone of memorable guest experiences. When guests check into a hotel or resort, they expect a clean, comfortable, and luxurious environment to relax in. As one of the leading B2B wholesalers of hotel supplies and hotel linen in the Philippines, Allora Linen deeply understands the significance of these standards and their contribution to a hotel's reputation.

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1. Immaculate Linen Is Non-negotiable

The sight and feel of pristine linen can elevate a guest's experience instantly. Hoteliers should always ensure that the bed sheets, pillowcases, and towels provided are not just clean but also of premium quality. At Allora Linen, our extensive collection is designed with both luxury and durability in mind, providing hoteliers with products that promise long-lasting comfort for guests.

2. Regular Room Inspections

Consistency is key. Regular room inspections ensure that each room meets the required standards. This also aids in recognizing any potential areas of improvement, ensuring that guests always get the best experience possible.

3. Deep Cleaning Schedule

Beyond the daily cleaning routines, it's essential for hoteliers to have a deep cleaning schedule. This might involve carpet shampooing, curtain washing, and more intensive tasks that guarantee every nook and corner of the room remains spotless.

4. Staff Training

Continual training of housekeeping staff ensures they're updated with the best practices in the industry. By emphasizing the importance of meticulous cleaning and the proper way to handle high-quality products like those offered by Allora Linen, hoteliers can consistently uphold the housekeeping standards they desire.

5. Prioritize Guest Feedback

Guest feedback is an invaluable resource. Whether it's positive praise or constructive criticism, feedback offers insights into where housekeeping measures are thriving and where they may need more attention.

6. Sustainability Matters

Modern travelers are more eco-conscious than ever. Hoteliers can adopt eco-friendly cleaning products and methods that not only ensure cleanliness but also reflect the property's commitment to sustainability.

7. Stock Up on Quality Supplies

An essential aspect of housekeeping is ensuring rooms are always stocked with necessary supplies. This includes top-notch linens, toiletries, and other amenities. Partnering with reputable suppliers like Allora Linen ensures hoteliers have a consistent supply of premium products that align with their luxury standards.


Housekeeping is more than just cleaning; it's about creating an ambiance that guests will remember and want to return to. It's about trust and ensuring that guests feel as comfortable in the hotel room as they would in their own homes.

With suppliers like Allora Linen, hoteliers in the Philippines can elevate their housekeeping standards. By choosing premium quality linens and hotel supplies, ensuring rigorous training and regular room inspections, and valuing guest feedback, hotels and resorts can stand out in an increasingly competitive industry.

For the finest hotel linen and supplies that embody luxury, trust, and durability, choose Allora Linen. Let us help you enhance your guest's experience with unparalleled comfort.

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