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What Do We Do?

Allora Linen is a manufacturer and wholesaler for bed, bath, and hotel supplies for resorts, hospitals, hotels, retreat houses, hostels, and motels. We are a comprehensive store for the types of organizations previously mentioned that are looking to purchase or re-stock supplies for their bedroom and or bathroom supply needs. We have a variety of patterns ranging from solid colors to order specific patterns at the request from clients. Consultation is offered to every prospective client before an order is made, such as the required number of products needed, the type of materials or cloth, etc.

What Do We Sell?

Our product line includes bedroom linens such as flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, bed protectors, duvet covers, and duvet infills. Similarly, our bath linens line contains bath towels, hand towels, bathrobes, shower mats, and pool towels. We at Allora Linen are also proud to introduce our brand new hotel product line, which contains hotel slippers, table skirts, table runners, chair covers, waste-bins, folding beds, hotel stanchions, luggage trolleys, house-keeping trolleys, liquor trolleys, luggage racks, sign stands, clothing racks, and umbrella racks.

How Can We Help You?

Allora Linen provides manufacturing and wholesaling to the medical and hospitality sector, such as resorts, hospitals, hotels, and more. If you are in need of bulk orders for bedroom linens, bath linens, or hotel/resort/hospital supplies, look no further as Allora Linen is the superior choice in comparison to our competitors.

All our product lines are available for wholesale or purchase in large quantities with quick, efficient, and safe delivery!


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